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Friday, February 16, 2007

Bye bye...

You may have noticed that I haven't updated this blog in ages. Truth be told, I forgot about it... I guess I didn't need a blog as much as I thought I did.

If you want to see my artwork then please come by


Monday, June 19, 2006

Off we go...

I've just packed most of the stuff that I need (actually everything except my toothbrush and the like) and managed to fill my backpack so that it's about to explode - it looks like it anyway! Why do you always need to bring so many odd things? I'll probably only get to use half of the things I've brought, but if I didn't bring them I'd miss them...

But at least I'm actually looking forward to going, which was about time. I'm leaving tomorrow (and will thereby not be anywhere near a computer until Thursday! How will I survive?) and I think that I've got a hold on everything, I think... Well, hopefully things will just go smoothly without me getting lost or traveling in the wrong direction or what not! Hopefully.

Oh, maybe I should tell you where I'm going... If you haven't read one of my previous posts you wouldn't have a clue. It's the annual (kinda self explanatory) Sortmånes Midsummer's Festival that I'm attending - it maybe sounds bigger than it is, but I think that we'll be around 65 people that are either witches, asatru, pagans, wiccans, generally odd, and everything in between! It's a lovely bunch, don't ya think? *smiles*

Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't been that hooked on going because I'm not so fond of some of the people there - not that I dislikes them, I just don't have much in common with them - and then they think that everything's a party. I'd rather have a quiet and thoughtful Midsummer than a 'weehii, let's drink some mjød ("mead") and sing a lot of foul songs!' Sigh...

But it's gonna be fun anyway, I'm sure of it - no one says that I have to sit with the vociferous (neat word, right? Found it in the dictionary...), I'll just share the Midsummer with my friends there - which I haven't seen in ages! I miss them...

So all in all, my things are packed, I think I know when I'm supposed to leave and on what train, and I know that there are going to be people there that I like and have a good time with...

So, see you when I get back, some time Thursday!
~ Erica ~

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Daily horoscope?

I love my foretelling of today (well, strictly speaking yesterday, but nevermind such details):

"Today you will find a small speckled egg, shimmering a little, in the fireplace. If you keep it warm in a 350 degree oven for 3 weeks, it will hatch into a small dragon, and then eat you."

Alright, being eaten might be the less exciting part of the tale, but seeing a dragon hatch would definitely be worth it!

Go to The Daily Humorscope to see what the spinning carrot has in store for you...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, another day gone by - with nothing! Hmm, seems to me like I'm getting into a pattern here... Okay, it's not exactly true, I have done something. That something being staring at the computer for more than half of the day's waking hours. But at least they've been constructive - I wrote a new poem, created a Google group (in Danish), assigned to quite a few blog tracking sites (but I must admit that BlogMad is still the very best of them), updated my contacts at my new email, found more than 15 new Google groups to be a part of (though some of them might prove uninteresting compared to other groups sharing the same topic), and blogged a little bit...

What I would have wanted to do with my day is quite the opposite though! I'd love to have taken a walk by the stream, cleaned my apartment (at least so it wouldn't be as messy), written applications for my job search, done the dishes (not that I would want to do that I just ought to), read the pile of cartoons that I haven't felt like reading (my rooms too messy so I can't just sit down and concentrate on it), figured out how on Earth I'm gonna get to the Midsummer's Festival, been svimming (although I have a decent exuce as to my I can't at the moment - which sucks, I love svimming), or in general just done 'something' that didn't take place in front of the screen! I think I need to work on that...

Quotes part III

"Tuulen Ukko tuulen Akka, tuulen kaikki ristikansa."

In Swedish it is translated to: "Drott av vinden, vindens drottning, härskaror av vindar alla."

Which in English will be along the lines of: "King of the wind, Queen of the wind, ruler of all winds."

The original sentence, I believe, is in Finnish and it is a piece of song lyrics by Hedningarna.

Quotes part II

Some more quotes of randomness:

"From lashes to ashes,
And from lust to dust,
In your sweetest torment,
I'm lost."

(Can't remember who wrote it)

"How do you kill someone to within an inch of his life?"
(Good question...)

"Once upon a time, two boys were telling ghost stories. The End.
It was a dark and stormy night, and ghost stories were telling
two boys that were was no such thing as The End."

(Genius summary-headline for a fanfic on

Quotes part I

These are random quotes I've come across that I find briliant enough to share with you. Enjoy!

"Let's not bicker, gentlemen. Remember, you cannot hug with medieval arms."
(8-Bit Theater)

"Don't medle in a dragon's business. You're chrunchy and good with ketchup."

"I believe friends are like quiet angels who lifts us to our feet, when our wings forget how to fly."
(Mobile sms)

Good Morning

Good morning dear readers ;o)

The day is bright and clear, warm and fresh, so what are you doing here? Go out in the lovely sunshine and get some colour! (I think I'm starting to get luminous from sitting so many hours in front of the screen...) Anyone wanna go on a picnic?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I wanted to let you know that I've updated my poetry blog with a lot of my old Danish poems (and a gibberish text if you will)... I still have one and a half stories to put up, but I've chosen to wait with those since they're quite large. I would like to have some more English poems up before the others, so that it doesn't seem like an all Danish site.

Så hvis du forstår dette, gå straks til den omtalte side - if not, then drop by later, when I have some more English texts up. *smiles*

Monday, June 12, 2006


It's hot as hell here... Quite literally (almost)! It's well over 25 'C which in Denmark is pretty warm. The worst is, though, that it is going to be even hotter these next months *sigh*. I wanna live in an iglo.

Besides that, I right now sit and listen to a cd with asorted folk music songs that my good friend Elva gave me today in school. Argh, it feels as if we're never going to see each other again! Even though we live in the same city and all... I just hope that we will remember to call each other and go to picknics and such during this summer *smiles*. I have way to many friends that I never see, because neither of us pull ourselves together to do just that... But at least Elva are going to be in the same Russian class as me in autumn, and I still have some of her boyfriend's dvds, so I don't think it's over just yet.

It was my last school day today. And it went fine (better than I had expected) - I even gave my teacher a hug! *grins* No hard feelings at all...
So now I'm free! Or well, as free at you can be being trapped between the choice of boiling inside or getting roasted outside. (If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm not that fond of heat...) In other words, I can do whatever I want to (ignoring the fact that I ought to be looking for a job). La la la, any ideas?

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I've finally done it - completed the layout of all three blogs (though there still are some bugs with Stargazing, but I'll just ignore that at the moment). It's taken some time...

So what to write? Well, for starters, let me tell you something about my life. I'm a girl, which you - hopefully - already knew from the picture, I'm 20 years old at this moment (not that I suddenly gets older from day to day, but my birthday isn't that far away), and I live in Denmark. So don't be surprised if I start writing things in Danish (I'll be polite and provide a translation though, most of the time) *smiles*. I have a strong aversion towards smilies, so you'll only see descriptions in these * and maybe once in a while ;o). I can't stand people who writes entire sentences with smilies instead of words...

How life looks from my point of view is, well, both simple and complicated (things always are, right?) I know what to do after the summer holidays - I'll be going to VUC which stands for 'Voksen Uddannelses Center' which in English is something like 'Adult Education Center', or actually it is exact that. Which is good - I'm looking forward to starting there on the 14'th of August and finally study again (I can't believe I actually miss that!)

The problem is, what to do until then? And see, that is a problem. I need to find myself a job, because if I don't I wont have enough money to pay the rent. There is just two obstacles: I'm lazy and there's many takers... Of course, these are manageable, I just need to pull myself together and start looking for a job.

Second problem: I have to go face my former teacher at the art school tomorrow when I pick up my stuff. Which is not that horrible, just a bit embarrassing since the reason I have to stop there before time is due to too much absence. *sigh* Well, I'll probably live...

The third problem can be portrayed in the famous Shakespeare manner: Should I or shouldn't I? (I don't have a skull to look at though.) The question concerns whether or not I should go to this year's Midsummer's Festival - which I have already paid for, I just don't bother going. I don't really feel that I have that much in common with the other people that's gonna be there. Ah well, I probably will be going anyway...

And if you now sit there on the other side of the screen thinking: "Damn, that girl is lazy and so spoiled if she thinks that that can be called problems!" I won't hold a single grudge against you - I'll probably even agree with you. Things aren't so bad when you look at them from the bright side.

Hmm, *looks up*, and I who thought I would have trouble getting started writing something here? Hope you followed this far, I'll update whenever I feel like it. (Which most probably will be quite often.)

Cheers to you,


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